Onshore Oil

Onshore Oil and Gas

Innovative and Cutting Edge Oil and Gas Exploration in Nevada

In recent years the company has surveyed for onshore oil and gas over a large area within Nye County Nevada, USA.
It has discovered some prime anomalies in Hot Creek Valley, Nye County. The anomalies derive from Chainman Shale, and the company is now assessing ways to monetize these assets.
Chainman Oil And Gas llc believes that any anomalies penetrated will constantly replenish from the chainman shale source rock depocentres that sit deep within Hot Creek Valley.

  • Chainman Oil & Gas LLC, holds oil and gas leases within Hot Creek Valley, Nye County, Nevada
  • Major Oil LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of US Oil & Gas PLC, has discovered oil nearby to the south east in Hot Creek Valley
  • The oil discovery is part of a hydrocarbon system that feeds several anomalies in the Valley
  • Chainman Oil & Gas LLC has identified anomalies on its acreage
  • The anomalies are analogous to discoveries in the Railroad Valley, Lisbon and Covenant fields.

Where are Chainman's Onshore Oil and Gas Prospects?

  • Hot Creek Valley (HCV) sits within the ‘oil window’ where source rock becomes thermally mature; ideal for oil generation
  • The Chainman Shale source rock is 5x richer than the 1 billion barrels Covenant field in Western Utah
  • The fractured nature of the geology is ideal for generating traps and the layer of Oligocene volcanic rock provides a suitable seal
  • The reservoir rock is very porous and permeable
  • Furthermore the discovered hydrocarbon system contains oil with good, low viscosity
  • The oil is driven upwards by water
The onshore oil window
Aerial view of leases in Hot Creek Valley

Recent wells have been drilled in the central area of the valley, where the oil tends to sit deeper.
Oil has been discovered here in transitional zones,  where it is now understood to be migrating laterally and vertically to shallower, more accessible reservoirs, located slightly to the North West.
Future well plans will probably incorporate the Palaeozoic target zones, as well as the tertiary zones that have already been encountered.
The vast amount of valuable data now gained, from the recent exploration projects, helps us understand the workings of the hydrocarbon system.
Chainman is ideally positioned to exploit the hydrocarbon system, as its acreage sits to the North West and North East over prime anomalies.

Road Infrastructure in HCV

A picture of the road infrastructure in Hot Creek Valley, Nevada, USA.
  • There is very good 2-way road infrastructure passing alongside the Chainman acreage
  • The above county road leads out to a major trunk road: Highway Six. The anomalies are approximately forty miles from a refinery, making oil uplift to market extremely economical

View East Across the Chainman Prospect

Full moon across the chainman shale oil and gas prospect
  • Looking east towards the centre of Hot Creek Valley (HCV), which has two principal depocenters buried very deep under the valley fill
  • Oil discovered in the valley has been generated within these two depocenters and has migrated vertically and laterally to become trapped in zones between faulted areas
  • Good quality oil has been discovered across various tertiary zones. It is our belief that the Paleozoic zones below our tertiary anomalies also contain oil.
Nearby refinery at Trap Springs.
Refinery at Trap Springs, Nevada