Onshore Oil

Onshore Oil

Chainman Oil and Gas llc has an onshore oil prospect in Nevada, USA

Onshore Oil and Gas Exploration Project in Nevada

Chainman Oil and Gas LLC understands the critical success factors driving onshore oil and gas exploration, providing practical solutions to maximize project investments. Chainman Oil and Gas’s team employs international experts with unparalleled knowledge in the management of large projects.
To further their oil and gas exploration capabilities, Chainman Oil and Gas LLC have recently discovered a new oil prospect in Hot Creek Valley, Nevada. This discovery has opened new doors for the company, as it allows them to take advantage of enhanced oil exploration in the region.

Map of Mississippian-Antler-Forland-Basin-USA.

Onshore Oil Window

Hot Creek Valley, Nevada, sits within the “oil window” over thermally mature source rock that is ideal for oil generation.This latest development helps Chainman Oil and Gas as it allows them to carefully take advantage of the region’s oil exploration capabilities. 


  • Acreage adjacent to the first oil discovery in Nevada in 30 years, yielding light oil
  • Extensive and methodical geological surveys have identified 2 large anomalies with reservoir target zones, structurally similar to the Grant Canyon play in Railroad Valley
  • Initial targets surveyed and ready to begin drilling process
  • Minimal development costs, taking advantage of recent expenditure on data gathering and drilling activities nearby
  • Custom well designs will harness lessons identified during previous drills in Hot Creek Valley
  • Ideally positioned to capitalize on a major oil field at an early stage, with very low uplift costs to the refinery and easy logistical access
  • Further adjoining 2000 acres acquired during 2018 with excellent potential. 

Why Nevada?

  • Nevada is a politically stable area with good business incentives
  • Nevada is generally supportive and welcoming to responsible exploration and production

Why Hot Creek Valley?

  • Hot Creek Valley has just had the first “new” oil discovery in Nevada for over 30 years
  • The oil discovered is of a very good quality
  • Favourable environment for oil production with good transport links
  • Good net margins per barrel of oil produced
Landscape view of the onshore oil prospect
Picture viewing north over Hot Creek Valley, Nevada, USA

        Why Chainman?

  • Prime drilling locations identified
  • Conventional oil play
  • Experienced, credible team with a strong understanding of the area
  • Straightforward route to market

Who are Chainman Oil and Gas?

Chainman Oil And Gas llc is an exploration company with assets in Nevada USA focusing on highly prospective areas within Nye County, Nevada. The company holds oil and gas exploration rights to areas that show high correlation to the prolific producing wells at Eagle Springs, Trap Springs, Covenant and Lisbon Fields. We are determined to take advantage of the new oil discovery in Hot Creek Valley.
We work with some of the best people in the business and have made it our mission to find suitable oil and gas exploration fields.

About Us

Get to know in greater detail what makes Chainman Oil and Gas LLC a leading oil and gas exploration prospect in the USA.

A Brief History

  • In 2011 Chainman Oil & Gas LLC was formed to identify oil and gas prospects in Nevada
  • Initial scoping activity, surveys and lease applications covered a vast area across Nevada: Railroad Valley, White River Valley, Big Smokey Valley and Hot Creek Valley
  • Attention was drawn to Hot Creek Valley by the pioneering activities of US Oil & Gas PLC
  • Chainman began their own research into the area, including gravity magnetic studies and re-interpretation of existing well logs
  • In 2012, Chainman leased ten sections of land in Hot Creek Valley. Over the next three years Chainman surveyed each section in detail on the ground. After multiple layers of surveying were completed, two sections of land stood out
  • By focusing further survey efforts on these two sections, two large anomalies were identified. These geologically mirror the Grant Canyon prospect in Railroad Valley
  • Having studied the stratigraphy in detail, Chainman has developed in-depth understanding of the local geology using state of the art technologies to identify prime drilling locations
  • Chainman is ready to begin its next and most exciting chapter.

The unit cost for extracting inland oil in Hot Creek Valley is amongst the lowest anywhere in the world.